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In-Person Dining!

Chef's Tasting Menu

We're so excited to say we are getting ready to re-open our doors back up for indoor dining!  Of course we have all changed over the course of the last 2+ years and our restaurant is no exception.  We are excited to be  back in the kitchen, dining rooms and gardens, dreaming, creating and enjoying Vermont in all of its glory.  

We will now be offering a very special 5-course fixed tasting menu encompassing various components, styles and flavors. This will be an intimate, special dining experience  sold as tickets --- think super club-esque dinner party.  We're starting with 2 days a week open with the possibility to grow from there.

There will be 2 seating’s available per night, one at 5pm and one at 8pm.  We can accommodate 12 people maximum per seating.  The dinner will be conducted around our bar in bar stools with the addition of the little bar table for one party of 4 per seating. 

Cocktails, wine and beer will be available for purchase the night of the dinner.

Please note, the menu is fixed  and will have limited flexibility with alterations.  However, with early notice we may be able to make some changes (we're looking at you pescatarians and gluten free friends).  We are not be able to accommodate Vegans at this time.  

Ticket sales are final and nonrefundable If you are unable to attend they are transferable.