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SoLo Farm & Table is the culmination of a mutual dream of Chloe & Wesley Genovart. After 10+ years away Chloe, Wesley and their then, baby boy Rafael returned to Vermont to raise their family and create a beautiful little restaurant. The restaurant embodies their collective ideas while allowing them to give back and grow in the community.  SoLo opened in July of 2011 and is now nearly 4 years old.

Our menu is constantly changing, dictated primarily by the seasons, what we are pulling out of our own gardens, or what we have sourced from local farmers and growers.  All of our meat is sourced locally, sometimes as local as just up the street.  We buy whole animals and butcher everything in house utilizing the entire animal for a variety of applications.  It is not uncommon to see a whole lamb hanging in our walk-in cooler or better yet being carried through our doors during service.  Fresh fish is sourced from small purveyors and fisherman who have small client lists and very high standards.   We love pasta; so you will always find some on our menu.   All of the pastas are made and rolled by hand, here, by us.  These are the mainstays of the menu. The consistent thread that holds it all together is above everything else, quality, sustainability, locally sourced and of course it has to taste good. Vermont has so many dedicated food producers that it has been a pleasure to forge meaningful relationships with animal farmers, vegetable growers, cheese makers, beer makers, bakers and so many more. True to his heritage, Wesley has now begun to make sausages on a commercial scale.  We are now in our second year as vendors at the West River Farmer’s Market in Londonderry during the summer and fall months.   We are so fortunate to have an incredible and dedicated staff, many of whom have been with us from day 1.  The same can be said of our wonderful guests for their support and encouragement within our community.


Wesley is originally from Spain and he has worked in a handful of some of the most acclaimed kitchens throughout the world. Prior to opening SoLo, he was the Chef of Degustation Restaurant in New York’s East Village. It was there that he garnered much press and accolades, including 2 stars from the New York Times, 4 stars from NY Magazine, voted the best restaurant in Zagat in the East Village as well as best small plates restaurant in NYC among many others. His food pulls from his Mediterranean roots while using modern techniques.  He is thrilled for the opportunity and the challenge to utilize the wonderful local ingredients that Vermont has to offer.


Chloe was raised in the area, met Wesley working as a waitress while he a cook in 2001. Together they have lived and traveled extensively throughout Europe spending any free time that they had together experiencing different cultures and tasting the food of different regions of the world. Chloe opened Degustation with Wesley, building the wine program, and running the dining room. Prior to opening SoLo she was the Maître D’ at Thomas Keller’s Per Se Restaurant in NYC where in 2011 was awarded best service in the country by the James Beard Foundation. Her latest role as mother has proven to be the most rewarding of all!

Rafael is turning into a most special little boy.  He is curious, active and has a great appetite.  He might often be seen helping out in the gardens, doing laps on his bicycle on Crescent Street, or sneaking into the ice cream freezer with a very guilty looking smirk on his face and spoon in hand.  A new baby girl named Esmé joined the family in October of 2014.  Little Esmé is under a year old but her personality is already shining through.  She has big cheeks, is quite smiley and thinks the greatest person in the entire world is her big brother.

SoLo Farm & Table, is truly a family run establishment through and through. To us, our restaurant is much more than a business or even an eating establishment. It is a personal expression of our life experiences, passions and commitments to the industry. We look forward to welcoming you to SoLo Farm & Table soon, a place where you will always be in the company of great friends, family and food.

95 Middletown Road, South Londonerry, VT, 05155. 802-824-6327
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